August 20, 2017

Vocal Booth

Vocal Booth makes music and voice recording more clear by keeping the unwanted noise away.
We are now ready with our vocal booth and we are ready to record track, cover, single and any other kinds of recording stuff.

TEEJ 2017

A women's festival "TEEJ" is celebrated every year but what is celebrated before that is the Pre-Party of Teej, where women get together and celebrate it with dance, music and delicious foods.

Pokhara Trade Mall has it's own circle for women and this is how they celebrated their pre-party of Teej 2017.

August 11, 2017

AECC Global - Photography Grande Hotel

A much waited function of AECC Global at Grande Hotel, we captured it all inside our cameras.
The day was cloudy and the rain was somehow making it more annoying but some pictures of the event was awesome.

There were many people in the event looking for the counselor of AECC Global to guide them through the doubts which they had for their careers in the abroad.

Well, we have tried our best to capture the best pictures possible and here are some of the shots form the event.

August 10, 2017

T-Shirt Printing

Hey! Guys,
We have decided to get our own T-Shirt with Logo printed on it. We hope this will bring a new look to our team and we hope you like it too.

Studio @ Pokhara

MHO Studio is a Pokhara based full featured studio which provides overall services of a studio.
Our studio aims to create a Media Hub, a center for the network for the individuals who tends to thrive in the media industry.